Winter Garden, FL: Property Owner’s Guide

Winter Garden Property Owner's Guide
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Do you own property in Winter Garden, Florida? 

If so, congratulations — this article will be diving deep into why you might want to consider renting it.  

Winter Garden 101

Winter Garden is a small city (population 45,000) located in Western Orange County, Florida, just over 10 miles from downtown Orlando. Though small, there’s a lot to love about the area. It’s got amazing weather, a vibrant economy, and a downtown area listed on the National Registry of Historic Places.

The city was incorporated in 1908, and since then it’s come a long way. Winter Garden is practically the cultural capital of Orange County, with tons of live performances and visual art opportunities to explore. There’s also an award-winning farmer’s market — take it from us, you’ll have to attend in person to experience it fully. And all you cycling enthusiasts out there will be happy to hear that Florida’s 250-mile Coast to Coast (C2C) Connector Trail runs straight through Winter Garden.

Winter Garden: Top statistics

The median home price in Winter Garden is $285,000, and the median rental price is $1,027/month. Both those figures are pretty reasonable once you factor in the city’s premier location! In other news, Winter Garden gets an A+ rating for diversity, a B+ rating for job opportunities, and a B+ for public schools. 

Why do people move to Winter Garden?

Besides everything mentioned above, Winter Garden’s residents feel the area strikes a perfect balance between homey and busy. The town has a bustling business community that makes it attractive to entrepreneurial types, and over 2,000 small businesses call Winter Garden their home. 

Despite all this, Winter Garden is still less well-known than other areas of Orange County. And that means there could be no better time to rent and invest! 

Why property management makes property ownership easier

Let’s now circle back to the idea that you own a property in Winter Garden. 

While managing your own rental property might sound simple enough, in the real world it can be quite complex. Between unpredictable tenants and unseen maintenance fees, your rental investment can quickly become more of an annoyance than an asset. 

That’s where we come in. Icon Property Management is locally based, which allows us to handle logistical issues as soon as they come up. We have extensive experience in every facet of the property management process, and we’ve learned more than a few lessons the hard way… so you don’t have to! 

We’re local.

Having rented and sold hundreds of homes in the Orange Country area, Icon Property Management has plenty of local experience. 50+ years of it, that is. 

We’re trustworthy.

Our team’s understanding of the South Florida market means we can give you the objective information you need to decide what’s a good investment, and what’s not. 

We care. 

Property management means nothing if it’s not grounded in integrity. At Icon we truly care about our clients, investors, and tenants. 

Ready to get in touch? You can do so by visiting our Contact Page or calling (321) 297-8960. We look forward to speaking with you! 

To your peace of mind, Winter Garden-based investments included, 

Icon Property Management

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