Why Hire a Florida Property Manager?

Need Florida Property Manager
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Is your investment property feeling like more of an annoyance than an asset? 

If so, we’d like to help you change that. Our team of dedicated property managers keeps everything running smoothly. The benefits of choosing Icon Realty include: 

1. Professional management = professional tenants 

We screen all potential tenants through the use of background checks, credit checks, and legitimate references. The tenants we find for your property will be sure to:

  • Pay rent on time
  • Rent for the long-run
  • Treat your property well
  • Act like sane individuals

We’re partially joking on that last point, but in all seriousness, there are lots of crazy renters out there. Let us help you avoid them! Give us a call at (321) 297-8960.

2. Better communication

Our team at Icon Realty is more than happy to handle tenant communication on your behalf. Think of us like your spokesperson — meaning no more unexpected calls or texts for you.  

3. Long-term tenants

Professionalism is far from the only important quality for a tenant to have, so it’s far from the only thing we look for. We want to help you find tenants who are in it for the long run! Don’t let your investment property stay vacant; instead, let us help you fill it with tenants who plan on sticking around for a while

4. Simplified maintenance expenses 

Here’s a critical but oft-overlooked element of property management: reduced maintenance bills. We operate at scale, and that allows our maintenance teams to do premium work for surprisingly affordable prices. Even larger-than-expected repairs are built-in to the overall cost of our property management services, so say goodbye to the days of surprise plumbing bills eating away a full month of rental income. 

5. Reduced legal risks

The laws designed to protect you as a property owner and the laws designed to protect your tenants sometimes clash. Hey, the legal system is a complicated thing! So leave the potential complications to us — if worst comes to worst and something does come up, our experience means we can easily take care of it.   

6. Additional benefits (but only if you go local)

  • Competitive pricing
  • A 13-year, proven track record 
  • Firsthand knowledge of the area
  • 100% stress-free property management
  • Fast turnaround times + reduced vacancies
  • Complete maintenance services — protect your investment

Schedule your free consultation today by visiting our Contact Page or calling (321) 297-8960. We’d be more than happy to review your situation and see how we can be of service!

To your peace of mind — property management needs included, 

Icon Property Management

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