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Lake Nona Vacation Homes
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Lake Nona is a 17-square-mile master-planned community created by Tavistock Development Company and is situated in the southeast sector of Orlando near the Orlando International Airport. 

Lake Nona is a modern destination known for its innovation, creativity, and compassion.

Lake Nona is famous for its exceptional Lake Nona Medical City, where research institutions collaborate with the country’s leading health facilities and academic facilities, to the United States Tennis Association’s National Campus, where current and prospective tennis professionals improve their game, to developing the future of mass transit with the development of America’s first high-speed, electric air mobility hub.

Vacation Homes For Sale In Lake Nona

Are you looking for a newly refurbished contemporary holiday house with a warm and welcoming ambiance in the center of the fast-growing Lake Nona Area, just minutes from the airport, local shops, and key restaurants? You’ve come to the correct place! 

Most vacation homes for sale in Lake Nona are beautifully constructed with tennis and basketball facilities, a grilling area, and a beach volleyball court. 

If you want to vacation and experience Orlando or are even looking for a peaceful night, Lake Nona is the perfect, peaceful spot to rest after a hard day.  

Living Life In Lake Nona, FL

Lake Nona is a place where life happens, not just because of its innovations, life sciences, and international headquarters. Lake Nona has a diverse range of residential areas with residential development, single-family houses of many styles — from chalets to cottages to multi story homes — all with their distinct energy.

Boxi Park, the Lake Nona Town Center, Nona Adventure Park, urban agriculture, and one-of-a-kind eating and retail are just a few of the advantages and attractions available to residents.

Families can take a little break, picnic, or play catch at Crescent, Laureate, or Heroes Community Parks after a bike ride, stroll, or jog on one of the community’s vast pathways. Whatever your interests, you’ll find something to admire in Lake Nona’s varied, community-oriented culture.

A Vacation Home In Lake Nona: The Right Place To Be

Residents profit from a rich history and culture, robust research programs, and inventive cooperation in this sophisticated and integrated community. 

Lake Nona is Orlando’s fastest-growing community, and it’s easy to see why. We have a wide range of housing alternatives available, from modern apartments and townhouses to single-family homes and large estates. 

If Lake Nona is the place for you, then gear up to have the most luxurious and relaxing time of your life. 

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