U-Haul Predicts Top 3 Florida Real Estate Markets

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The numbers are out: Florida is experiencing faster real estate growth than anywhere else in the nation. 

It’s true — according to data from U-Haul, Florida’s North Port district led the list of places that saw more movers coming in than movers going out in 2020. Florida, in fact, is home to all three of the fastest-growing cities in the nation! Here’s a closer look. 

#1: North Port

Conveniently positioned nearby the Gulf Coast and Interstate 75, this Sarasota County district leads the list of cities that saw more new arrivals than new departures last year. 

“People are packing up their U-Haul trucks and heading to North Port, because it’s an affordable place to live, and it’s central to Fort Myers and Sarasota,” Dave Thompson, U-Haul’s Western Florida president, explains. “I’m not surprised North Port is the new No. 1 U-Haul growth city because the atmosphere is relaxed, and it’s close to the beaches. Everyone wants to live in paradise.”

It’s true…and the North Port area only continues to get better. “There are new shopping centers and restaurants everywhere you look,” Thompson says. “The Atlanta Braves baseball team just moved their spring training site to North Port. There’s something for everyone here.”

Just how many people are moving to North Port? According to U-Hauls data, one-way truck arrivals into North Port jumped up 40% from last year, while departures rose by just 13%. Here’s another stat: new arrivals made up over 60% of the North Port’s U-Haul traffic. While U-Haul migration data doesn’t directly reveal population growth, they do capture movement trends pretty well. Such data can be used to discern how well cities are doing at attracting new residents.

#2: Kissimmee

Kissimmee is another one of the fastest-growing cities in the Nation. Located right alongside Florida’s top theme parks, it’s held the #2 spot for two years now. 

“We have an influx of customers moving to Kissimmee because the cost of living is relatively low,” Miguel Caminos, U-Haul’s Orlando president, says. “Year-over-year population and median household income is growing 3% to 5% annually.”

Despite all the growth, Kissimmee retains a homey feel. “Keep in mind this is a small city, not really a metro like neighboring Orlando,” Caminos explains. “One of the major draws for most people considering a move here is all the activities and attractions.”

#3: Port St. Lucie

Port St. Lucie comes in as the 3rd-fastest-growing city in the nation, giving Florida all three of the top spots. And no wonder — Port St. Lucie really is a beautiful place to live! It’s home to famous gardens, parks, and waterways. The city also enjoys a near-perfect climate that allows residents to enjoy its natural treasures year-round.

Putting it all together

If there had been any reason to doubt the goodness of Florida living, it’s pretty much gone now. Discover what so many people are finding out about Florida and consider making the move yourself! 

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