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Have you heard of Windermere, Florida?

If not, let us introduce you: it might just be one of the state’s best areas for real estate investing. Why? Though listing all the reasons for Windermere’s appeal would take a while, this article will feature some top points.

Reason #1: Windermere’s location is perfect.

Windermere’s high population density (over 3,000 residents in 1.5 square miles) gives it a suburban feel, yet the town’s natural surroundings (it’s situated on a little isthmus) keep things down to earth. The climate is pretty perfect, too; before several once-in-a-lifetime freezes, Windermere was one of Florida’s biggest citrus producers. 

Reason #2: It’s peaceful & quaint.

Even though Windermere’s business district is bustling with upscale shopping opportunities (and upscale restaurants), the town has managed to retain a homey feel. Visit Windermere and you’ll find clusters of old homes nestled among giant oaks and pristine lakes.

Interestingly enough, many of the roads that wind throughout Windermere are unpaved. The residents like it that way — it adds to the adventure. Some of these streets are closed to through traffic during select days and times. And while celebrities like Shaquille O’Neal and Tiger Woods have owned homes in Windermere, the average resident is decidedly down-to-earth. Residents and visitors alike feel that this area is great for starting and raising a family. 

Reason #3: There’s all sorts of stuff to do.

Windermere isn’t too quaint, however — residents who like life in the fast lane can still find plenty to do. Between year-round boating, guided tours, and the very cool Titanic Exhibition, it’s not too hard to stay busy. 

Click here to get some more ideas, and if all else fails, Windermere is still under 15 minutes from Disney.

Reason #4: Windermere has great schools.

Windermere has an excellent public school system. Most area schools have received an “A” grade from objective sources, with Windermere High School ranking better than 75% of Florida’s high schools. 

Reason #5: You’ll have help from local experts. 

So far so good, right? Well… there’s one more thing: While Windermere is great, the tenants interested in renting your Windermere property might not be. 

There are lots of questionable renters out there these days, so let us help. We screen tenants with background checks, credit checks, verified references, and more. You can have total faith that the tenants we find for your home will be a perfect fit.

The fact that we’re area locals doesn’t hurt, either. Our proximity to your rental property means we can handle anything that comes up quickly — and stress-free. 

Welcome to Windermere! 

If you’re eager to invest in Windermere’s real estate scene but hesitant of the logistics involved, let us reassure you: There’s an easier way of doing things. 

At Icon Property Management, we strive to offer everything you need in a property management service. We can even help you find the right property to invest in. Schedule a free consultation today by completing our contact form or calling (321) 297-8960. We look forward to seeing how we can make your life easier! 

To your peace of mind, Windermere properties included, 

Icon Property Management

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