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Welcome To Seminole County

Seminole County is nestled in Georgia’s far southwest corner. It is bordered on the West by Alabama, South by Florida, East by Decatur County, and North by Early and Miller districts. Native Americans had lived in the area until European communities pushed them out. In what is now Seminole County, the Seminole Indians are said to have made their final stand. Their chief, Oceola, is said to have been born there.

The county is governed by a five-member board of commissioners, aided by an administrator who also acts as the admin for the county seat, Donalsonville. In the county, there is an acknowledged hospital and an airfield with an illuminated 5,186-foot runway.

According to the United States Census Bureau, Seminole County’s inhabitants were 8,729 in 2010, down from 9,369 in 2000.

Historic Sites At Seminole County 

The refurbished Olive Theater and a local shop that emblazoned a colorfully painted depiction of traditional farming are incredible historical sites of this county rich in culture.  

Seminole features a yearly festive season in October, the Shellcracker Fishing Tournament in April, and a carnival, in addition to outdoor recreation in Lake Seminole and golfing at the private club and courses in nearby counties. Lake Seminole has hosted numerous bass tournaments and is ranked as the country’s fifth finest bass fishing lake.

Choose Seminole County

Seminole County has traditionally been the chosen destination for businesses looking to start or develop. There are numerous causes for this, but here are a few:

Superior Standard of Living 

Seminole County’s standard of living is unrivaled, with some of Florida’s best schools, charming towns and communities, and many recreational opportunities.

Diversified Workforce

Seminole County’s workforce is diversified and highly skilled, and you will find the best crew for your company right here.  

Low Business Costs

It’s no wonder that companies from all over the country, if not the world, are flocking to central Florida. We know how to make a firm profitable without spending a fortune.

Excellent Geographic Position 

Seminole County’s geographic position in Central Florida’s Orlando-Metro Region makes it easy to reach major cities, airports, ports, higher education institutions, and retail and industrial markets.

Need a Property Manager?

Are you looking for a Florida property management company to oversee your rental home, property investment, area, or association? If that’s the case, you’ve come to the correct place. 

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