Renting in Dr. Phillips, Florida

Renting in Dr. Phillips Florida
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Are you considering renting out your Dr. Phillips-based home? If so, we think you’re onto something — Dr. Phillips is one of Florida’s hottest real estate markets right now. 

Even then, there are some things you might want to consider first. Treat this article as your go-to guide to everything you need to know about the Dr. Phillips area. (And rental properties there, of course!)

Dr. Phillips: A little background

Doctor Phillips is a unique place. It’s close to Universal Orlando Resort yet manages to retain a hometown feel, and while parts of the town are quiet, other areas, like “Restaurant Row,” are bustling with premier cuisine from around the world. 

Dr. Phillips gets its name from Floridian orange juice magnate Dr. Phillip Phillips, whose thousands of acres of citrus groves breathed life into the area in the 1940s. His land spanned nine Florida counties and eventually became the Dr. Phillips area we now know: from Conroy Road in the North to Sand Lake Chain in the South, from Orange Tree to Sand Lake Hills, Bay Hill, and Turkey Lake Park.

Dr. Phillips: Statistics

Let’s now move back to the present day and look at some of the stats on Dr. Phillips — financial statistics included.  

The area’s job market has seen steady increases for years, with 10-year projections predicting just over 50% grown. The national average? It’s only 33.5 percent. Accommodations/Food services provide the bulk of the area’s jobs, and other popular industries include healthcare (13.4%), art/entertainment/recreation (8.7%), and education (8.1%). The median income is $42,000 per year; the median household income is $77,710 per year. 

Next up is geography. Dr. Phillips includes the following areas: 

  • Bay Hill
  • Bay Lakes at Granada
  • Bay Park
  • Bay Point
  • Bay View
  • Bay Vista
  • Bentley Park
  • Brentwood Club
  • Bristol Park
  • Cypress Point
  • Diamond Cove
  • Emerald Forests
  • Emerson Pointe
  • Granada
  • Hidden Springs 
  • Isle of Osprey
  • Kensington Park
  • Lake Cane Hills
  • Millionaire’s Row
  • North Bay
  • Orange Tree
  • Phillips Cove
  • Phillips Landing
  • Pointe Tibet
  • Reserve at Cypress Point
  • Sand Lake Hills
  • Sand Lake Point
  • South Bay
  • Torey Pines
  • Toscana
  • Turnbury Woods
  • Turtle Creek
  • Venezia
  • Vizcaya

And don’t forget the lakes! Here they are: 

  • Lake Blanche: 122 acres
  • Lake Cain: 78.7 acres
  • Lake Chase: 142 acres
  • Lake Crowell: 19.1 acres
  • Little Fish Lake: 24.3 acres
  • Lake Marsha: 91.8 acres
  • Pocket Lake: 128 acres
  • Lake Ruby: 56.3 acres
  • Big Sand Lake: 1041 acres
  • Little Sand Lake: 161 acres
  • Lake Serene: 44.2 acres
  • Lake Sheen: 569 acres
  • Lake Sloat: 32.3 acres
  • Spring Lake: 102 acres
  • Lake Tibet: 1070 acres
  • Lake Tucker: 18.5 acres

What to do in Dr. Phillips

If restaurants and boating aren’t your things, no worries. Dr. Phillips also has a top-rated performing arts center and amazing schools. It’s been called one of the best areas in all of Florida to start and raise a family!

Getting started with Icon Property Management

Long story short, those who choose to rent their properties in Doctor Phillips almost always walk away satisfied. The area’s popularity helps ensure higher-than-average rental prices and a steady influx of stable tenants. 

Still, renting your property could be just a little easier — and that’d where we come in.  

At Icon Realty we’ve sold and rented over 1,000 homes in the past 13 years. We know the Orlando area, Dr. Phillips included, inside and out. Our commitment to integrity got us to this point… and it continues to propel things forward. We look forward to meeting your property management needs by providing excellent communication and customized care! 

So schedule a free consultation today by visiting our Contact Page or calling (321) 297-8960. We’d be happy to discuss your situation and needs and see what we can help with!

To your peace of mind — Dr. Phillips-based real estate included, 

Icon Property Management

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