Renters Drawn to Ocoee, FL Amid City Improvements

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The Florida town of Ocoee has come a long way in recent years — and its growth is being matched by some seriously reimagined developments. 

New Ocoee City Hall

The town recently broke ground on a new City Hall. This $22 million, three-story building replaces the $2.2 million current City Hall, a much more modest structure that’s been around since 1994. 

The new City Hall is located at the corner of Bluford Avenue and McKey Street. It’s forecasted to consolidate all the city’s current services under one roof — and provide some extra space for the future growth the city forecasts. According to town officials it will be ready in the Spring of 2022. 

“Big things are coming to Ocoee,” consultants to the project affirm. “The downtown will have the infrastructure it needs to grow, the vision to keep it authentic and people to make it vibrant.”

According to City Manager Rob Frank, the new City Hall will serve as a sort of central hub from which future downtown developments can take place. 

Ocoee, FL Upgrades

Other plans in the works include a transformation of West Oakland Avenue’s current sidewalks into a trail system that’s connected to Lakeshore Park. “Most everywhere you go it’s centered around government offices,” City Mayor Rusty Johnson explains. “That’s kind of what we’re wanting to do… things are going to start to happen.”

Indeed, Ocoee’s population has doubled in the past 20 years. What was once a sleepy town of 24 thousand residents has now blossomed into a 50,000-strong city brimming with potential. 

The city’s housing market reflects this boom, too. Lakefront property in the area is exponentially more valuable than it was even just a few years ago. Just as what’s being seen in other areas of Florida, renters and homebuyers alike are scrambling to find a place to call home before it’s snatched up by someone with even more enthusiasm. The rental scene may be intense, but it’s also full of promise. 

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