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Altamonte Springs is an innovative Central Florida city with an impressive economy and more than a few booming businesses. Located in Seminole County, Altamonte Springs is recognized as one of the region’s best places to live, work, and raise a family. As you might expect, this trio of positive qualities makes Altamonte Springs a prime destination for prospective homebuyers and renters alike. 

Here’s what you need to know about area real estate management. 

Altamonte Springs: Important Stats

Altamonte Spring’s local government set out to do things differently from the start. Their forward-thinking mission means they’ve managed to stay debt-free from the beginning — an impressive feat for a government of any size. 

The city’s appearance speaks to its masterful planning, too. Altamonte Springs’ streets are tree-lined; its parks are kept in pristine condition. Even its event calendar is well thought-out. There’s a reason more than a million tourists visit Altamonte Springs each year! 

What about property rental stats, you may ask? Let’s look at those next. 

Altamonte Springs has a pretty solid rental market. The average place now rents for roughly $1,650. One-bedroom rentals average $1,375; two-bedroom rentals average $1,670+. The most affordable parts of Altamonte Springs are Hickory Square and Spring Oaks, where rent averages just $875 and $1,050 per month, respectively. 

Altamonte Springs Property Management Tips

If you own real estate in Altamonte Springs or the surrounding areas, first allow us to offer you a sincere congratulations. 

Also allow us to offer you some advice: you might be able to make your life easier by partnering with a real estate management company. The best of these companies will offer several standout services, including the ability to:

1. Screen tenants

The harsh reality is that there are lots of shady renters out there these days. Some of them may have even applied to move into your rental! 

It’s for this reason that top property management teams will extensively vet any and all applicants. Our team at Icon Fl screens tenants for legal issues, credit history, and both personal and professional references. You can have confidence that whoever we find will be professional, trustworthy, and able to pay rent with ease — the perfect tenant for your space.  

2. Mediate

Even the best of homes need maintenance from time to time. If you’re feeling ready to invest in a rental property but intimidated by the thought of having to deal with surprise problems, consider partnering with us! Whether your tenants’ AC goes out in the middle of summer or whether they accidentally break something, we’ll be there. We’ll provide a 24/7 contact number to your tenants so you can sleep soundly throughout the night.  

3. Navigate legal matters 

And our mediation skills aren’t limited to little things like property maintenance. If your tenants aren’t paying, aren’t treating your place right, or are otherwise participating in illegal activities, we’ll be there to help. Considering that we’ve been managing real estate for decades, the odds are good that we’ve dealt with situations just like yours in the past. 

Icon Makes Altamonte Springs Real Estate Management Simple

If we had to distill down the role of the best real estate managers into one word, we’d use the word simplify. Our real estate management team at Icon FL has decades of experience helping property owners just like you maximize simplicity and minimize stress. As native Floridians ourselves, we have decades of experience navigating Altamonte Springs’s real estate market. 

Contact us today by filling out our online form or shooting us a phone call. We look forward to getting in touch — and getting your rental income on autopilot mode! 

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