Poinciana Real Estate Investing

Poinciana Real Estate Investing
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Technically a settlement and census-designated place (CDP), Poinciana is located in both Osceola and Polk Counties. (Fun fact: Poinciana is the largest unincorporated master-planned community in the United States!)

Learn why this unique section of the Sunshine State is slowly making it’s way onto the radars of Floria’s most eagle-eyed investors.

Where is Poinciana Located?

Poinciana, Florida is located southwest of Kissimmee, roughly 14 miles of Haines City. As mentioned, Poinciana extends over both Osceola and Polk Counties, with a population density of 964.41 per square mile.

Planned as Planned Unit Development (PUD) with ten villages, Poinciana has four villages in Osceola County and six in Polk County. As a deed-restricted community, Poinciana is governed by a homeowners’ association (HOA). The HOA is the Association of Poinciana Villages.

A number of subdivisions originally included in the PUD were later developed as separate neighborhoods by the Association of Poinciana Villages. These include:

  • Waterford
  • Little Creek
  • Brighton Lakes
  • Oak Hammock Preserve
  • Crescent Lakes
  • Trafalgar
  • Doral
  • Isles of Bellalago
  • Cypress Cove
  • Deerwood
  • Wilderness
  • Bellalag

Poinciana, Florida Demographics

With a population of 69,955 (as of 2019), Poinciana is spread out over approximately 73 miles. According to earlier records, taken during the 2010 census, there were 53,193 Poinciana residents in the CDP. Additionally, 29,914 residents lived in non-CDP neighborhoods. 

Boasting a Puerto Rican population of 35.8%, Poinciana is fondly referred to as “Little Puerto Rico” by many Florida residents.

An even earlier census, taken in 2000, reveals that Poinciana’s median household incomes is $37,172. The median income for a family is $37,688.

History of Poinciana 

The Gulf American Corporation planned Poinciana as a retirement destination in the 1960s. The first homes were constructed in 1973. 

Although growth was initially slow (by 1994, the population still sat around 8,000), growth has increased exponentially ever since.

Things to Do in Poinciana

Poinciana boasts a number of fun activities for residents to take part in, including:

  • Horseback riding at Horse World Riding Stables,
  • Nature and wildlife observation at the Disney Wilderness Preserve,
  • Getting up close and personal with Florida’s famous alligators at Gatorland, and
  • Exploring Florida’s beautiful lakes and shores with Boot Creek Airboat Adventures.

Why Invest in Poinciana?

The population in Poinciana has grown 32.8% – pointing to its untapped real estate potential. The median age is 37 and popular tenant sites have ranked its climate comfort index as 9.1 in the winter.

Known for its strong job growth, outdoor recreation, and entertainment options, Poinciana is a growing hot spot, making it the perfect investment for property owners looking to capitalize on Florida’s next big thing.

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