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There’s only one thing hotter than Orlando’s weather: Its real estate market. 

It’s true! Orlando has become one of the premier destinations for new Floridians. Many of these new residents can’t find a house immediately, meaning that they’re also heating up the rental market. 

If you own a rental property (or multiple rental properties) in Orlando, congrats — you may be sitting on a goldmine! But this particular goldmine needs expert navigation. Consider getting some help from our expert property management team if you really want to maximize return on your investment. 

Investing in Property in Orlando: What You Should Know

Orlando is the fourth-largest city in Florida. It’s also one of the best known cities in all of Florida, probably because it’s the home of Universal Orlando, Walt Disney World, and dozens of other theme parks. And that’s not all Orlando offers. It’s also got award-winning gold courses, major universities, and a vibrant nightlife scene, if you’re into that. 

But is Orlando a good place to live? Most residents say so. In light of the fact that the city’s population is growing by 1-2% per year, it’s likely that Orlando is only getting better. 

Orlando remains a ‘young’ city that’s inhabited by hundreds of thousands of young professionals. While many of these professionals are high earners, nearly as many of them simply don’t have the asset base needed to purchase a house. (Especially in light of the fact that home prices have risen 20% per year for three consecutive years now.) In the meantime these young career people and their families need rentals!

Orlando’s university students do, too. Orlando is home to dozens of universities, including larger ones like Valencia College, AdventHealth University, and more. 

All this to say that Orlando’s property rental market is bustling, booming, and changing fast. It’s one of Florida’s fastest-moving…. and most profitable. Wondering how to navigate through things? Whether your rental property is already established and profitable or whether you’re still trying to find decent tenants, we can help. (Actually, we’ll help you find truly great tenants.) 

About Orlando Property Management

And that’s not all. Icon FL’s property management team can help you with anything and everything rental property-related, including:

  • Appropriately pricing your rental property so that it attracts plenty of prospects while remaining as profitable as possible
  • Helping you find trustworthy, economically-stable tenants
  • Helping you deal with problem tenants (if needed — it does happen!) 
  • Maintaining your property inside and out, so that small problems don’t turn into big ones later on
  • Maintaining your property’s lawn, garden, landscaping, etc. 

In other good news, we’re locals ourselves. We’ve seen it all in our decades of property management experience. 

Suffice to say that our property managers are here to assist, regardless of which stage of the rental process you find yourself at. Don’t go it alone when the market is so hectic and there’s so much at stake. We can help you maximize your rental property’s return while minimizing your risk (and your stress levels). 

If you’re ready to simplify the property rental experience, get in touch with us today by filling out the form on our website or giving us a phone call. We look forward to hearing more about your situation and seeing how we can work together. 

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