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Let’s say you have a property in MetroWest, Florida. Perhaps you used to live there, perhaps you didn’t, but now you’re ready to rent it out — without dealing with tenant-related stress.  

We’re here to help with that. Here’s how the right property management team could make taking care of your real estate simple, enjoyable, and easy. 

About MetroWest

First of all: if you own a rental property in MetroWest, we’d like to congratulate you. Why? Because your asset lies in one of Florida’s very best areas. 

Situated along the edge of Orlando, MetroWest is a 1,800-acre master-planned community. Its overseen by the MetroWest Master Association (MWMA), which means it has high standards when it comes to construction projects both new and old. The Association’s review board makes sure everything going on in MetroWest stays clean and harmonious. That probably explains why the area was voted Orlando’s most beautiful place to live.  MetroWest continues to win awards for its beauty, safety, and livability. 

Investing in MetroWest

Long story short, MetroWest is a great area to live, work, play, and invest. 

To invest without stress, however, you might need a professional property management team on your side. Here’s why. 

1. We’ll screen your tenants. 

We go above the standard background check and screen your tenants so you can avoid renting to people with credit issues, criminal pasts, and poor rental histories. We’ll even make sure their references are legitimate. The tenants we find for you will be more than able to:

  • Pay rent on time
  • Treat your property well
  • Stick around for the long-run

Let us help you avoid crazy renters! Give us a call at (321) 297-8960.

2. Well keep the communication up.

Our team at Icon Realty is more than happy to communicate with tenants on your behalf. Just imagine, no more late-night calls or texts next time something comes up!

3. We’ll streamline your expenses.

And reduce them, of course. The fact that we operate at scale with so many homeowners means our maintenance teams do great work for equally great prices.

4. We’ll reduce your risks.

Let’s face it: the legal system is a complex thing, and sometimes the laws designed to protect your tenants can backfire on you. If anything comes up, our familiarity with Florida’s rental-related laws means we’ve got you covered. 

Other benefits of our property management include: 

  • Ultra-competitive pricing
  • A firsthand knowledge of the area
  • A 13-year track record, and counting
  • 100% stress-free property management
  • Fast turnaround times + reduced vacancies
  • Complete maintenance services — protect your investment

If you’re ready to invest in MetroWest, we’re here to help. We can even help you find the right investment property. Schedule your free consultation today by visiting our contact page or calling (321) 297-8960. Stress-free property management is just a conversation away. 

To living stress-free — even when it comes to property management,

Icon Property Management

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