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Managing Clermont Property
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Statistics don’t lie: Clermont is one of Florida’s best places to live. It’s an award-winning city, having been voted one of the top 20 places in all of America and the #1 city in central Florida. No wonder they call it “The Choice of Champions.”

What makes Clermont such a great place to live? Maybe it’s the location (only 22 miles from Orlando), maybe it’s the scenery (replete with lakes and rolling hills), or maybe it’s the friendly, outdoorsy residents. Regardless, Clermont is the perfect destination for people from all walks of life! 

And if you have a rental property in Clermont… congratulations! Area property values have been rising steadily by ~10% a year, so it should be easy to turn your rental into a true investment (if you have good tenants, of course, which is exactly where we come in!).

Managing rentals — the effective way. 

At Icon Property Management, we specialize in rental properties in Orlando, Clermont, Dr. Phillips, and surrounding areas. Our presence on the local scene allows us to handle your property personally and give it every bit of the care it deserves. 

Then there’s the experience. We have decades of it, across virtually every facet of property management (over five decades to be exact). We learned our lessons the hard way years ago, so let us navigate the sometimes-unpredictable world of property management on your behalf. 

Ready to hire a Clermont property manager?

Hiring a Clermont-based property manager is simple! Just get in touch by visiting our Contact Page or calling (321) 297-8960. We’ll be more than happy to learn more about your property management needs and create a customized plan for you. 

Maybe you’d still like to learn more about Icon Property Management— hey, that’s okay too. Here are some additional things to consider:

We’re locally based.

We’ve rented and sold hundreds of homes in Clermont and surrounding areas, so we have extensive local experience. Our offices are located in nearby Orange Country, meaning we can easily address unseen issues as soon as they occur!  

We’ll be honest with you. 

Extensive experience translates to extensive insight, and our team’s understanding of the Clermont real estate market means we can help you make the right decisions. We’re devoted to conveying accurate, honest advice to our clients. 

We actually care.  

Or course, all this experience means very little if it’s not coming from a place of integrity. At Icon Realty, we care deeply about our clients, their properties, and the tenants that call them home. This care represents itself as seriously great service. 

To your real estate investment, and to the great city of Clermont,

Icon Property Management

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