Managing Real Estate in Winter Garden

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If you own property in Winter Garden, Florida, this article is for you. In it we’ll be taking an in-depth look at the importance of property management — and what to look for in a property manager. Keep reading to learn more.  

Is Winter Garden a Good Place to Live? 

In a word: yes. In two words: most definitely. Here’s a longer explanation. 

Located on the western side of Orange County, Winter Garden is only 10 miles from downtown Orlando. The town is known and loved for its perfect weather, growing economy, and history-rich downtown. 

Winter Garden was founded back in 1908. Fast forward to today and Winter Garden is practically the cultural capital of Orange County. Replete with award-winning outdoor markets, coast-to-coast cycling trails, and plenty of live music, Winter Garden is also an outdoor lover’s dream. Citizens can hike, bike, run, blade, and cycle year-round. 

The town also shines in terms of its real estate opportunities. The average home’s listing price has risen astronomically in recent years, going from $285K in 2019 to $550K in early 2022. This has led many potential homebuyers to rent while they search for a more affordable deal; thankfully for these buyers, rental prices haven’t gone up quite as much as home prices. The average rental price is still under $2,000/month. 

Winter Garden is also highly entrepreneurial. Over 2,200 small businesses call the town home. Health, wellness, and tech-based businesses are growing especially popular. If you have a small business, finding a new customer base in Winter Garden should be easy! 

All in all, Winter Garden is a truly wonderful place to live… and an equally wonderful place to make the most of your real estate investments. 

Icon FL Makes Property Management Simple

Do you own rental property or other real estate in Winter Garden? If so, pat yourself on the back — you’ve got yourself a truly premium asset. A good property manager is all that’s needed to coax your property towards its income-producing potential. 

Property management is important for several reasons. A good property manager can:

  • Vet potential tenants for trustworthiness and financial stability
  • Keep existing tenants satisfied with their rental experience
  • Safeguard your property against irresponsible tenants
  • Keep your property well-maintained and presentable
  • Prevent small problems from becoming big ones
  • Help price your rental appropriately
  • (And much more)

Whether you could use some help finding trustworthy tenants, keeping up on regular maintenance, or pricing your rental appropriately, we can help. Icon FL’s property management team can assist with every step of the property management process. We’re considered one of Central Florida’s top-ranked property managers for a reason! 

Contact us today if any of our services sound like they could be helpful. A quick talk is all that’s needed to determine if we can provide assistance to your specific situation.

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