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Maitland is a suburb of Orange County, Florida. Technically Maitland is a part of the Greater Orlando area, though its small-town population allows this suburb to retain a peaceful, quiet feel. 

As of the 2010 census Maitland’s population was 15,751. Today Maitland is home to a few more people. Perhaps they’ve found the suburbs’ amenities as alluring as we do! Maitland is home to: 

  • The Maitland Art Center
  • The Maitland Historical Museum
  • The Maitland Telephone Museum 
  • The William H. Waterhouse House Museum

Why so many museums and historical tributes? Probably because Maitland has a surprisingly rich history. It’s one of the oldest municipalities in all of central Florida, and even prior to that it was inhabited by native Timucuan tribes. 

Maitland was named after a nearby Lake, which in turn was named after military Captain William Seton Maitland. A military outpost was built in Maitland in 1838, and things really picked up after the Civil War ended and new settlers arrived in the area. By 1871, Maitland had its very first permanent settler, and by 1900 it was a leading citrus producer. In the 1920s the town began to feel more like what we would recognize as a suburb today, and in 1959 it was officially incorporated. 

Fast forward to 2022, and Maitland has a bustling localized economy. Its median income is $62,500 per household and $69,500 per family. Serval large businesses call Maitland their home base:

  • Sonny’s Real Pit Bar-B-Q
  • Fidelity Financial Solutions
  • Charles Schwab Corporation
  • EA Tiburon (creators of the hit Madden NFL series)
  • The Timothy Plan (a popular Christian investing firm)

Maitland Property Management Made Simple

If you own rental property (or properties) in Maitland, congratulations! But did you know that partnering with an experienced property manager can make your rental process faster, easier, and more profitable? It’s true. 

Yet not all property managers are created equal — nor are all property managers properly suited to assist with your situation. It wouldn’t make much sense, for example, to enlist the help of a short-term rental-oriented management company if you’re hoping to find year-round tenants! 

Beyond this specificity principle, there are a few other things to keep in mind. Any prospective property management team should:

  • Have local experience in your area
  • Have the capability to scale up according to your needs
  • Have years (if not decades) of experience helping clients succeed
  • Possess the ability to facilitate clear communication between you and your tenants
  • Properly vet tenants 

Icon FL’s Property Management Team checks all these boxes and more. At Icon FL, we work every day to maintain industry-leading standards. Our job is to make your job as a property owner easier! 

Contact us today if you want to streamline your current landlord routine into something that leaves a little more room for daily life. 

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