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Maitland is a beautiful and family-friendly suburb of Orange County, Florida. Thanks to its small population, it is famous for its serene and peaceful neighborhood. 

According to the 2010 census, Maitland’s population is estimated to be 15,751. Currently, Maitland has a population of more than 20,000 people. That’s not surprising because Maitland offers all the amenities to make it an attractive market. Maitland is home to the: 

  • Maitland Art Center
  • Maitland Historical Museum 
  • Maitland Telephone Museum 
  • William H. Waterhouse House Museum

If you are wondering why there are so many historical tributes and museums, that’s probably because of its rich history. Historically inhabited by native Timucuan tribes, Maitland has the oldest municipality in Central Florida. 

The name of this peaceful suburb came from a nearby lake named after military Captain William Seton Maitland. In 1838, the army constructed an outpost, but things picked up after the Civil War. Maitland had its first permanent settler by 1871, and by 1900, it became a major citrus producer.

The town started to resemble a suburb in the 1920s, but it was established in 1959, formally.

Today, Maitland enjoys a thriving economy and has a booming local economy with a median income of $69,500 per family and $62,500 per household. Serval large businesses consider Maitland their home base. Some of these include: 

  • Sonny’s Real Pit Bar-B-Q
  • Fidelity Financial Solutions
  • Charles Schwab Corporation
  • EA Tiburon (creators of the hit Madden NFL series)
  • The Timothy Plan (a famous Christian investing firm)

Maitland Housing Market

The housing market in Maitland is highly competitive. Homes in Maitland typically receive two offers and sell in 22 days. In Maitland, the average sale price of a home last month was $460K. That’s an increase of 8.2% from the previous year. In addition, the average sale price per square foot is $228, which indicates a rise of 2.7% from the prior year.

  • Several homes receive multiple offers, a few with waived contingencies.
  • The average homes sell for nearly 2% below the list price. They stay available on the market for an average of 22 days.
  • Trending homes sell for around 1% above the list price and stay on the market for nearly eight days. 
  • So are you ready to purchase a home in Maitland, Florida? We are here to help.

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