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Dr. Phillips, Florida has a welcoming community atmosphere for all, whether for business, retirement, or investment in a vacation property. This guide seeks to give residents a taste of what Dr. Phillips has to offer. 

The town must be on your travel list if you’re considering relocating to the Orlando area, with its magnificent residences and world-renowned eating. We can fulfill all of your local housing requirements because of our extensive understanding of the Dr. Phillips region.  

Let us begin by introducing Dr. Phillips. The town is found in Orange County, Florida. It is well known for its citrus groves, which cover thousands of acres. Each spring, residents enjoy the aroma of orange blossoms floating through the air. Locals adore the scenery, including the Butler Lakes series and huge golf courses.


In early 2022, the population of Dr. Phillips was estimated to be around 10,488. Around 65% of the population comprises married couples looking to establish a strong family foundation. Also, the folks that live here appreciate the serenity and tranquility of the town. 


The schools in Dr. Phillips are a great reason to live here. In fact, the town has excellent elementary schools and high schools for children. Dr. Phillips is served by Orange County Public Schools. Dr. Phillips High School is the authorized high school for the whole Dr. Phillips area, while three primary schools serve the areas of Dr. Phillips. 

If you’ve ever listened to DG Khaled, you’ll know what we’re talking about, as DG Khaled went to the same high school when he was younger. 

Recreational Activities 

There are numerous activities in which the residents take delight. To begin with, Dr. Phillips features 13 clean lakes and numerous golf courses. Lake Sheen’s bathing area, boat launching, fishing dock, and outdoor pavilions are all available to Orange County Sportsmen’s Association members. 

Some of the most popular attractions in Central Florida are just a short distance away, including amusement parks, Disney Springs, retail shops, and Restaurant Row.

Cost of Living in Dr. Phillips 

The cost of living in an area is an important factor when relocating. Let’s give you an idea about this. You can get a 5000 sq foot house, facing the lake too, from $1 million to $1.5 million. You have other options, too, like bungalows with great locations and views from $2 million to $2.5 million. Most of the houses also range between half a million to a million, and you can get cheaper options like small condos and townhouses as well. 

Sandlake Hills and Clubhouse Estates are the most affordable areas in Dr. Phillips. To compare, the average cost of a home in Dr. Phillips is more than the average cost of a property in Orlando. Homes in the Orlando area can be bought for less than $300,000, but the average price of a home in the Dr. Phillips neighborhood is roughly $1 million. 

We have something for everyone here, and with our assistance, we can match you with the property ideal for you.

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Are you relocating to Dr. Phillips, Florida? If so, we hope that this guide has illuminated all of the wonderful things the town has to offer. But if you are still confused about something, you can learn more by going to our blog. Also, feel free to chat with Icon by visiting our contact page. We’ll make it simple for you to manage your real estate investments in Dr. Phillips!

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