Leesburg, FL: Local Property Managers

Leesburg, FL: Local Property Managers
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Located in Lake County, Florida, Leesburg is yet another one of Central Florida’s mid-sized gems.

If you own property in the Leesburg area, this article is for you. In it we’ll be looking at how to find a locally-based, premium property manager. Keep reading to learn more. 

Life in Leesburg

Today Leesburg is a 24,000-strong city situated in the Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford Metropolitan Statistical Area, but it wasn’t always so full of hustle and bustle. 

The city got its start in 1857 when a man named Evander McIver Lee and his brothers settled in the area. Just as any enthusiastic family would, the Lee’s named their homestead Leesburg. In 1875, the city was formally incorporated; for over a decade it was actually the county seat. Throughout the early 20th century, Leesburg’s economy grew bigger, fueled largely by the area’s watermelon production. Citrus production was big business, too. 

Fast forward to modern times and Leesburg is finally being recognized for the destination that it is. Both home prices and rental prices are way up since last year. The average rental goes for $1,198/month, and 80% of rentals fall within the $1,000-1,500/month range. 

Roughly 50% of Leesburg homes are renter-occupied, implying a steady demand for new rentals. And with future job growth projected at an above-average 51.2%, demand for rentals will likely only grow higher as more people move to the area for work. 

Local Property Managers in Leesburg

If you own rental property in Leesburg, congrats! You might be sitting on a proverbial goldmine. If you’ve yet to really strike gold, though, then consider joining forces with a local property manager. A good one can make your experience as a landlord far easier — and improve your return on investment at the same time.  

What might you want to look for in a property manager? Several key things. Below are some of the most important metrics to consider. 

Where they’re located. Local property managers surpass non-local ones for a variety of reasons. At Icon FL we’re true locals — Leesburg and surrounding areas are where we live, work, and play. We’ve navigated the eccentricities of area property management for decades now. 

Whether you’re looking for help with managing an existing rental property or looking to acquire a new one, we can help. Clients who work with us enjoy:

  • Stress-free property management
  • Clear, proactive communication
  • Perfectly priced rental properties
  • Reduced rates of tenant turnover
  • Reduced rental property vacancies
  • Happier, stabler tenants (we help vet them!)
  • Turnkey property maintenance (including interior and exterior maintenance)

Oh, and one more thing: Our team truly cares. At Icon we put great intention into everything we do for our clients — even the not-so-fun stuff like eviction and property repair. The result of this high level of care is unusually good customer service. 

Contact us today if you’re ready to partner with a local property manager. We’ll hop on a brief phone call and get started making your life easier!

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