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Lake Alfred is a town situated in Polk County, Florida. It is a section of the Lakeland-Winter Haven Metropolitan Statistical Area, but due to its small population, it can retain a small-town feel. According to the 2020 census, Lake Alfred has a population of 5,900 people.

Let’s go over why you should invest in the Lake Alfred real estate market. 

Since Lake Alfred was constructed practically immediately after the Railroad of South Florida, launched in the region in 1883, it was developed early in South Florida’s history. Snowboarders who wanted to escape the harsh winters of North Dakota and other far-North regions flocked to Lake Alfred. It is also popular as Bartow Junction, Chubb, and Fargo. 

But, they finally selected ‘Lake Alfred’ in 1913, named after the neighboring Lake Alfred, which took its name from Alfred Parslow, a well-known railroad entrepreneur.

It’s safe to state that Lake Alfred is a blessing for outdoor enthusiasts. Residents adore the town’s 8 square miles of countryside and several lakes. They also enjoy the mild, almost tropical climate and the pleasant sunny weather. 

The economy of Lake Alfred is less lucrative than some of its neighboring communities. While the per capita income is under $18,000, the median household income is $36,800. The good news is that this indicates that local housing prices have held steady. In this region of Central Florida, the median home is listed for slightly under $300,000, which is unusual.

Real estate investors benefit from Lake Alfred’s perfect weather, close access to larger places, and reasonably priced housing.

However, before investing in this real estate market, you should know a few things.

Lake Alfred Property Management: FAQs

Even if Lake Alfred’s real estate market looks promising, partnering with a top property manager can improve it even more. That’s because you may need to learn all the guidelines and requirements you must follow to maintain your rental property.

So how to manage your rental property? Please leave it to the professionals. When you work with a top property management service, you can maximize your ROI while streamlining and simplifying your experience.

You can get assistance from licensed property managers like us in several ways. For instance: 

  • Acquiring new tenants
  • Taking care of tenant turnover
  • Guaranteeing efficient client communication 
  • Calculating accurate pricing of the rental property
  • Managing all aspects of the property 

Even though everything here seems too good to be true, you may have another question. Out of all the available property management alternatives, why pick Icon, FL? That is a valid query, but we can demonstrate that we are the finest in our field for several reasons.

These are listed here, to name a few.

We are locals who manage local properties. Even though it might not seem like a big deal, this is one of the top reasons you should pick us. The people on our team are from Central Florida. We are interested in the region, its citizens, and your tenants.

We have expertise. Together, we have more than 50 years of experience. Our personal and professional experience allows us to treat every rental property professionally. 

We genuinely care. We treat all our clients equally, unlike other property managers that may claim to have an office in Orlando but fail to offer individualized attention. This shows that our customers are essential to us.

Let Icon FL’s Property Management Team manage your rental property and help you earn a steady rental income. So are you ready to join hands with the best property management team? Contact us today. Our team will design the best property management plan for your rental property.  

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