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Have you ever tried dealing in the Floridian real estate market? If yes, then you understand how challenging it can be. Florida is a great place to live and invest in, but only if you understand how it works.

There are various real estate professionals working in the state, with over 21,538,226 individuals in the field by 2020 (and this number has significantly increased over the years!). More people are now investing in the Floridian real estate market, and a good number of these individuals rely on Icon Realty Associates for their needs. The question is, are they as good as they claim to be?

In this article, we’ll be discussing Icon Realty Associates and analyzing the full spectrum of services the company offers. By the end of this article, you will have all the information about the company and what they do. So let’s begin.

Icon Realty Associates: A Quick Overview

Icon Realty Associates is a real estate company operating in the Florida real estate market with the mindset that collaborative teamwork is the key to improved customer services. The professionals have worked in the real estate market for many years and understand the industry’s ins and outs pretty well.

At Icon Realty Associates, they accept the fact that the capabilities of the professionals as agents and brokers improve with the skill of the others around them. It’s why their professionals collaborate to provide a customer experience that clients truly enjoy. Any customer dealing with the company essentially benefits from the whole team.

Icon Realty Associates: The Services Offered

As professionals in the industry, Icon Realty Associates knows clients have different needs. They want to be prepared to deal with every possible issue and provide the most versatile services to clients. Therefore, they offer the following services:

Property Purchase

Purchasing properties in Florida is particularly stressful because of the multiple options and high market demands. It’s challenging for first-timers to manage these properties on their own. However, with Icon Realty Associates, buyers can let them handle the property deal, sit back, and relax. Since they’re locals in Florida, they can better negotiate with the sellers and get the property pricing needed.

Property Sale

Do you have eyes on Florida real estate for investment but don’t know how to manage the legal requirements? Icon Realty is the key to your problems as the company handles property sales all the time. They have a team of professionals ready to meet client expectations and sell properties for the best prices.

Short Sales

Efficiency and quickness are the two main features of good short sales—that’s what Icon Realty Associates offers. They have you covered for the following issues related to short sales:

  • Scheduled foreclosure
  • Multiple rejected offers
  • Liens from the IRS
  • HOA liens
  • Bank delays

Bank-Owned Properties

Real Estate Owned (REO) or Bank-Owned Properties are mostly a profitable investment option for those who want to get the best out of their investments. This option is great for asset managers that wish to thrive in the Florida market.

Icon Realty Associates: Locations

As professionals in the real estate market, Icon Realty has been dealing with a variety of different customers and covers the Florida real estate market quite well. Following are the main locations you should have real estate assistance for:

  • Tampa Real Estate
  • Sarasota Real Estate
  • Dr. Phillips Real Estate
  • Clearwater Real Estate
  • Boca Raton Real Estate
  • Winter Park Real Estate
  • Orlando/Windermere Real Estate

Benefits of Buying/Selling Real Estate in Florida

Florida is considered one of the few places where people learn to swim before they learn to read. People love settling in Florida for various reasons, including friendly individuals, great amenities, etc. A real estate purchase or sale in Florida offers plenty of benefits for those interested.

Therefore, we will discuss the top benefits of real estate buying and selling ahead. It will help you clear doubts about Florida real estate investment and help improve your ROI. Here are the top benefits of buying/ selling real estate in Florida.

  1. Affordable Prices

The one thing that impacts real estate investments is the pricing. The average pricing of these properties was under 405,000 in 2022. Despite the inflation rates, Florida enjoys lower home prices than the national average for real estate properties.

Moreover, the state has one of the highest undeveloped lands in the U.S., contributing to lower prices. Although the rest of the country is going through a major price hike, the Florida real estate market is pretty stable.

It’s the perfect time to invest in these properties and ensure that you get an optimal experience with the money you spend. Since real estate in Florida is booming, a real estate purchase could bring plentiful profits when you sell it off.

Moreover, if you’re a real estate investor looking for commercial buildings, Florida has a lot to offer. All you need to do is find the right professional like Icon Realty Associates.

  1. High Inventory

What makes any real estate investment worth the trouble? It’s the inventory level within the region of your property. One of the prime features of the Florida real estate market is its high inventory.

If we look at areas like the Sunshine State, we’ll see a variety of properties to choose from. For instance, you could want to purchase a dream home or make a commercial property investment in Florida. Regardless, it is only possible if you have real estate options.

With the Florida real estate market still underdeveloped, there’s a lot of potential for investments you make today. Additionally, higher properties also mean better pricing than other states. You can easily find a property that fits your budget.

  1. Low Mortgage Rates

A mortgage is a great way to purchase property, but it can become daunting if the mortgage rates are too high. You could have to spend a large amount on mortgage payments, impacting your finances. However, that’s not the case in Florida.

Florida has one of the lowest mortgage rates compared to other states. Although these market mortgages last for 20 to 30 years on average, they have lower interest rates. The lower interest rates ensure you can pay off your loan quicker and have the property to your name. It’s a smart way to conveniently pay off the loan and own a property as an asset.

  1. Favorable Tax Laws

Residents’ and investors’ tax benefits are key players in any real estate deal. It is one of the best elements for creating an environment that fits business ventures in the future. It offers several benefits that you might not get in the states.

For starters, the tax laws do not require Florida residents to pay individual income taxes. Moreover, the state does not levy taxes if you have a business entity such as a sole-proprietorships and partnership.

Once you can set up an LLC, you can also avoid income tax payments. However, you should not set up the LLC as a corporation to leverage this option if you want to save income tax payments. With a little more research on the tax laws, you can save a substantial amount and re-invest them in another real estate venture if you want.

  1. State Incentives

Financial incentives offered by states are a great option for real estate investors wishing to grow with time. These investors can easily grow their businesses, buy new properties, and leverage the state incentives for more output.

Florida residents can enjoy state incentives offered to real estate investors for better economic development in the area. There’s a variety of different incentives you can also choose between. These incentives may include the following:

  • State-budgeted program expenditures
  • Investment models
  • Investment loans
  1. Ready Rental Market

One of the biggest flaws of the real estate market is its volatility. The ROI of the real estate market is high, but factors like interest rates, inflation, economic conditions, etc., can make it more challenging. Similarly, your investments may become riskier if you don’t find the right clients.

For instance, you could invest in a commercial real estate property and hold it up as a rental. But what happens if you don’t find tenants for these properties?

However, in Florida, that’s not the case. As of now, the rental market in Florida is peaking, with more individuals investing here regularly. The high demand has contributed to better property accumulation and a boost in the industry. An investment in Florida real estate market today can bring better profits for tomorrow.

Final Thoughts

The right real estate opportunity in Florida can help unlock new opportunities and boost ROI. You can hire various professionals for real estate market investments, but only if you know the right one. The experts at Icon Realty Associates are the go-to option for your next real estate move.

At Icon Realty we look forward to helping you with property purchases, short sales, bank-owned properties, and more.  With the expertise of these real estate leaders, manage your Florida real estate properties with confidence!

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