Hunter’s Creek Real Estate Investments

Hunter's Creek Real Estate Investments
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Hunter’s Creek is a small master-planned community located in Orange Country, Florida. As yet another underrated gem within the Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford Metropolitan Statistical Area, Hunter Creek is a fantastic place to invest in property. Let’s take a closer look. 

Hunter’s Creek began construction in the mid-1980s. While things were a little slow to kick off, the town’s population has risen to just over 20,000 people in recent years. Professionals of all ages and backgrounds call Hunter’s Creek home, and it shows in the town’s income stats. The area’s median family income is well above average, coming in at over $70,000 per year. 

Hunter’s Creek’s housing market is also growing — growing more competitive, that is. The average area home now sells for roughly $500,000. That’s up over 30% from 2021 and represents an average price of $220 per square foot. The average home now sells after 19 days on the market. If you need additional indicators that things are booming in Hunter’s Creek, just take a look below:

  • A significant proportion of homes receive multiple offers
  • The average home sells for roughly 2% under list price
  • The hottest homes sell for just over list price 
  • Some homes receive waived contingencies

Hunter’s Creek’s original master planners may have set up their area for success, but they sure didn’t foresee the massive influx of new Floridians we’re experiencing now. In other words…this town’s future may be even brighter than originally anticipated! 

What to Know About Hunter’s Creek Real Estate Investments

Hunter’s Creek’s combination of perfect weather and economic growth makes it a premier destination for all kinds of homebuyers. If you’re hoping to invest in area property, you may want to do so soon. 

Below are some key considerations to make as you search for your next investment:

  1. The property’s history
  2. The possibility of closing costs 
  3. The seller’s history and motivation
  4. The need for homeowner’s insurance
  5. Your current and future financing options
  6. The possibility of deed restrictions or HOA regulations

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that there’s a lot to consider here. Don’t worry, though — we have the experience needed to help you handle it. At Team Icon, we have over 2 decades of combined experience guiding investors toward their goals. 

This experience enables you to experience a simple, stress-free buying experience. Contact us today if you’re ready to add Hunter’s Creek to your investment portfolio. We can help you identify, arrange, and close on the home or investment property of your dreams. 

We can also assist with all things rental properties. Our team was recently mentioned in a RedFin article about rental options with pets. Our advice in this situation? Get renters insurance!

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