How to Find a Minneola Property Manager

How to Find a Minneola Property Manager
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Minneola is a small town located within the Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford Metropolitan Statistical Area. While it might seem unassuming at first glance, Minneola could actually be a great place to own and manage rental properties. Here are the details. 

Minneola’s population may only be 12,000 or so, but the town’s proximity to Orlando allows it to strike a nice balance between quiet and cultured. The area’s housing market is surprisingly competitive: the average Minneola home now sells for over $400,000, or over $200 per square foot. 

Rental-related stats speak to the same thing. Roughly 40% of Mineolla’s 3,600 homes are renter-occupied. The average rental comes in at just over 1,000 square feet. Despite the relatively small footprint, average rent in Minneola has climbed as high as $2,250 a month. These figures make it more expensive than many surrounding areas: 

  • Ocala: $1,537/month
  • Sanford: $1,676/month
  • Lake Mary: $1,872/month
  • Altamonte Springs: $1,749/month
  • Longwood: $1,869/month
  • Maitland: $2,018/month
  • Oviedo: $2,238/month
  • Minneola: $2,259/month

What’s pushing prices so high? In recent years, people have flocked to Minneola from all over the US. Many of these new residents are more than happy to rent relatively high-end properties until they’re ready to buy.     

Best Property Management in Minneola, FL

Do you own property in Minneola, Florida? If so, congrats! You’re currently in the right place — at the right time — to maximize your profit margins. 

But there could be an even better way to position yourself. Joining forces with a good property manager can streamline your rental experience while boosting your ROI. 

And while there are a lot of property managers in Central Florida, not many of them possess all the qualities we do. Below are a few key differences that set Icon FL apart. 

We’re true locals. We don’t just claim to have an elusive office hidden away somewhere in Orlando — our team actually lives here! That’s allowed us to accumulate decades of experience in Minneola and surrounding areas. 

We’ve got the experience. Speaking of experience, we have over 5 decades of it. We’ve learned certain things the hard way so you don’t have to. 

We’re professional. Working with us is a simple, streamlined, easy process. We offer: 

  • Tenant vetting services
  • Reduced rental vacancies
  • Improved tenant retention
  • Professional communication
  • Turnkey property maintenance
  • Rental pricing recommendations
  • A low-stress/no-stress experience

Oh, and one more difference between us and the rest: we truly care. At Icon FL, we extend the utmost level of care and intention to our clients, their properties, and their tenants. And this level of care directly translates to the way we do business. Contact us today to make your rental experience easier. 

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