How Disney’s Move Will Affect Florida Real Estate

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It’s official: Disney is moving to Florida!

More specifically, its corporate offices are moving to Florida — its theme parks were already there. 

DDisney is moving to Lake Nona, and real estate experts suspect this upcoming move will make Central Florida’s housing market even hotter. Considering just how hot the area’s real estate scene already is, that’s saying a lot!

How Many Disney Employees Are Moving to Florida?

A significant number of Disney executives (think 2,000+) are expected to move into the area. When they do, they’ll likely be looking for high-end homes in Lake Nona for themselves and their families. Many people are likely to move into the areas surrounding Lake Nona, too. 

And with this influx will come more price increases. Apartment complexes are rapidly being built across the area, but that won’t be enough to prevent further supply-demand imbalances. Disney’s higher-ups are more likely to opt for already-built single-family housing. The Orlando Business Journal expects that Disney’s office relocation will make the area’s housing competition even more intense. 

Disney Housing in Lake Nona

Coming in at an average of $686,000 a pop, Lake Nona’s homes are already among the priciest in Orange County, where houses average $429,000. Other stats speak to the same thing. Home sales in Lake Nona are up 28% in the first half of 2021. 

Disney plans to bring more than just workers along as it makes the move. The company is in the process of building a brand new retail center, Flamingo Crossings, just outside Disney World. Flamingo Crossings will include a mix of restaurants, shops, hotels, and apprenticeship housing. 

Only time will tell how high Lake Nona’s home prices will rise from all this — but in the meantime, it’s not too late to profit from the changes yourself. Our team at Icon Realty can help you get the most out of existing rental properties, or assist with the negotiations of finding a new home at the best price. 

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