“Flying Taxis” to Boost Lake Nona, FL Real Estate

Lake Nona Flying Taxis
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It appears there may have been something to Back to the Future’s bullish views on technological innovation after all. 

At least the whole flying cars part. “Flying taxis” will soon be available to residents of the Lake Nona planned community, and while they might not have the dual on-road/in-air capabilities that Marty McFly enjoyed, they’re still expected to make daily life a whole lot easier. 

According to Lilium, a German startup focusing on electrical aviation, the city of Orlando will be our nation’s very first “advanced aerial mobility region” —  the first place that citizens can forego walking or driving and simply fly. 

A recent company statement provides more details. Lilium will be partnering with the city of Orlando and Florida real estate company Tavistock Development to bring their electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) jet aircraft to Lake Nona and beyond. 

Why Lake Nona? It must be the location: Lake Nona’s centrality means that its new “vertiport” will be able to connect over 20 million Floridians within a 186-mile radius. Lilium’s flying taxis are fast and can fly up to 186 miles on a single charge, which means that destinations like Tampa, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale are now within much closer reach. A flight from Lake Nona to Miami, for example, will only take 60 minutes. 

The Big Picture

A glance at Lake Nona’s mission statement reveals that this is all part of a much larger plan. The city has always aimed to be “a global model and standard for sustainable urban development.”  

This plan is also going to require private-public collaboration.

“For this new technology to truly reshape the transportation ecosystem and benefit Orlando residents long-term, it is going to take a true partnership between cities, developers, and transportation operators,” explains Buddy Dyer, Orlando’s Mayor. “I’m thrilled that our progressive and collaborative environment has created an opportunity […] to invest in the expansion of safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly transportation options throughout one of the fastest-growing regions in the country.”

A Bright Future

Speaking of growth, Lilium’s vision is expected to speed up the area’s economic growth even further. The company is expected to bring at least 100 new jobs to Lake Nona. Those who work in a wide variety of related tech fields are likely to flock there, too. 

In other words, Central Florida’s real estate market just got even more desirable!

Especially to those who await a higher-tech future. American networking technology company Cisco says Lake Nona will be an “Iconic Smart + Connected city” — the first one in the U.S. and one of only eight in the world. Forbes has already declared it to be “the future of cities.” 

What’s next for Lake Nona and the surrounding Orlando area? A growing number of people are moving there, eager to find out. 

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