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Holiday Real Estate
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The holiday season is a great time for relaxing and reuniting with family. 

But did you know that it’s also a time when real estate transactions can be especially lucrative? It’s true. Here’s how you can come out of the holidays with a gift that keeps on giving!

Holiday Real Estate Myths

The holidays have developed a stigma as being a bad time to sell one’s home. December’s cold weather doesn’t help, either. What potential buyer wants to brave the snow and sleet just to frequent an open house?

This concept may have some validity in more wintry areas, but it simply doesn’t apply to Florida real estate. Keep reading to find out why.  

Why the Holidays Are a Good Time to Sell

In 2014, Realtor.com discovered that the week before Christmas was actually one of the busiest times for real estate of the entire year. 

Why? Because it attracts serious buyers. People who are just browsing for their next house are unlikely to sacrifice their holiday celebrations — those who house hunt during the holiday season are probably pretty serious! Expect to experience a higher closing rate when dealing with these types of motivated buyers.  

Why the Holidays Are a Good Time to Buy

The holiday season isn’t just a good time to sell your home. It’s also a good time for those of you looking for a new home to buy! 

Why? For one, there’s almost no competition. Home prices may not be driven up by overzealous bidders, and loan rates may not be driven up as high by lenders and banks. If you’re looking to buy a home, doing so during the holidays could significantly speed up the buying process. 

Holiday Real Estate Tips

If you’re ready to experience real estate success this holiday season, you’ll need to arm yourself with knowledge. Here are a few tips to make the selling process easier:

  • Lower your price. Not just a little, either! Instead, start off by listing your home at the best price you can afford to offer. 
  • Get festive. Who doesn’t love a little holiday charm? Take advantage of the season by decking out your home with seasonal decor. You can further improve your home’s coziness by lighting the fireplace or putting on some festive music. 
  • Get renovating. If your yard’s been needing some landscape work, if your shutters need a fresh coat of paint, if you’ve been putting off any renovation-related projects… now is probably the time to fix that! Improving your home’s appearance now will result in serious dividends later down the road. 
  • Take good photos. Listing your home with good photos has always been important, but it’s especially important in today’s COVID-19 era. Potential buyers should be impressed by your home’s photos before they ever step foot into the actual house. 

Florida Real Estate Help

Are you ready to get your home sold this holiday season? We’re here to help — and we can’t think of a much better Christmas present! Or maybe you’re looking to buy a new home instead. Either way, schedule your free consultation now by visiting our contact page or calling (321) 297-8960

Happy Holidays!

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