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Have you been looking for premium property management in the Dr. Phillips area? 

If so, look no further — this article is for you! In it, we’ll be going over the pros and cons of Dr. Phillips before looking at some great solutions for area property management. 

About Dr. Phillips, Florida

Doctor Phillips is a census-designated town located in Orange County, Florida. Its population was around 11,000 as of the 2010 census and may be closer to 15,000 today. Doctor Phillips manages to retain a small-town feel while staying in close proximity to Orlando. 

The town of Dr. Phillips got its start over a hundred years ago. At that time a businessman named Phillip Phillips (fitting, right?) began large-scale citrus farming in the area. Dr. Phillips’ groves breathed life and innovation into the town that would come to bear his name. His land spanned nine Florida counties, including parts of Orange Tree, Bay Hill, and Turkey Lake Park. Dr. Phillips’ philanthropy brought workers, families, and other businesses to the area, too. 

Flash forward to today, and Dr. Phillips retains that exciting entrepreneurial spirit. It’s home to booming businesses and beautiful architecture, and close to Universal Studios and numerous other theme parks. 

Dr. Phillips is also home to some seriously good eateries. An area of town that locals call Restaurant Row offers everything and anything you might be craving, including Turkish cuisine, authentic Tex-Mex, and fusion. Restaurant Row just so happens to offer award-winning shopping centers, too. 

Why Hire a Florida Property Manager?

Just as significant as Dr. Philipp’s natural beauty and numerous amenities is the undeniable fact that its real estate market is booming. Housing prices are up 20% year-over-year. This momentum has led investors to flock to the area… but it’s also made the market trickier to navigate than usual. 

Especially when it comes to property management. A huge influx of new Floridians is currently competing with existing residents for a limited amount of housing. From a tenant’s perspective, competition is tough; from a landlord’s perspective, it’s hard to sift through all the applications and know who to trust.  

But that’s exactly where the value of a local property management team lies. Experienced property managers can practically place your property’s income generation on autopilot. They help you screen out problematic tenants, help you find good ones, and help you keep great ones. Quality property management decreases tenant turnover and saves you on expensive maintenance fees in the long run. 

Getting Started with Icon FL in Dr. Phillips

At Icon FL we offer an extensive portfolio of rental services. Here’s the shortlist:

  • Intimate knowledge of local real estate 
  • A proven track record spanning decades
  • Simple, affordable property management services
  • Fast turnaround times on rentals and home closing
  • Complete maintenance services to keep your assets intact

Dr. Phillips Florida Property Managers

Could you use some property management help? If so, our team at Icon FL is here to help. Consider us your go-to resource if you need assistance with managing or making the most of your property. Contact us today for a stress-free tomorrow! 

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