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At Icon Realty & Property Management, our community is our anchor. 

And for a prime example of what community looks like, look no further than the central-Florida suburb of Dr. Phillips. Our intimate knowledge of the Dr. Phillips area means we’re more than able to meet all your local real estate needs. 

After all, Doctor Phillips is a pretty unique place. Close to Universal Orlando Resort and shopping meccas, yet relatively low in population, Doctor Phillips has a homey-yet-refined feel. Doctor Phillips is also graced with a restaurant scene that’s both upscale and diverse. One area of town, known as Restaurant Row, offers up everything from Turkish cuisine to Hawaiian-American fusion. 

The many benefits of local property management

Our hometown property managers take care of the big stuff for you. We screen out troublesome tenants, reduce tenant turnover, help you avoid legal issues, and save you from pricey maintenance. 

We take care of the little stuff, too. One of our major benefits includes impeccable timing. Because we’re physically close to your investment properties, we can address important issues the very moment they come up. In fact, more often than not, such issues can be prevented altogether by the accountability that only comes from local property management. 

Benefit 1: Hometown expertise

We’ve sold and rented over 1,000 homes in the past 13 years — suffice to say we know the Orlando area inside and out!

Benefit 2: Honest advice

With years of experience buying, selling, and forming relationships, our team has a deep understanding of the Dr. Phillips real estate market. And we’re more than happy to share the insights gleaned from this experience with you! 

Benefit 3: Commitment & care 

Our commitment to integrity got us to this point, and it continues to carry us forward. We look forward to setting you up for success by providing honest communication and personalized care! 

Getting Started with Icon Realty

Whether you want to buy, sell, rent, manage, or invest, Icon Realty is here to help. We offer an extensive portfolio of fully customizable services — if you’re wondering if we’re the right fit for you, the answer is probably yes!  

So schedule a free consultation today by visiting our Contact Page or calling (321) 297-8960. We’re always happy to help!

To your peace of mind — Dr. Phillips-based real estate included, 

Icon Realty

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