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One of Polk County’s quaintest small towns, Davenport is known and loved by residents and visitors alike. It’s located in the Lakeland-Winter Haven Metropolitan Statistical Area and has a population of 9,000 (and counting). If you’re interested in buying a home in Davenport or the surrounding areas, this article is for you!

Is Davenport, FL a Good Place to Live?

Davenport may still be classified as a small town, but the areas north of it are experiencing pretty unprecedented growth. And this growth has trickled into Davenport’s economy, property values, and real estate scene. 

Davenport got its start in the 1880s and 1890s as a central hub of the South Florida railroad. Back then the town was known as Horse Creek. In 1915 Davenport was officially incorporated, though it stayed pretty quiet up until just recently. 

Like so many other central Florida towns, Davenport has been booming ever since 2020. Today Davenport-area homes are quite the hot commodity! The average home stays on the market for only 10-12 days; the median home price has risen to just over $330k. 2-bedroom properties are up well over 30% from last year. 

The rental market is also hot right now. The town’s ~100 available rentals average over $2,000/month. 

In other good news, Davenport job opportunities have never been better. An unprecedented number of companies are making their headquarters in central Florida, including Hertz, Lennar Corp, Office Depot, Lennar Corp, Goldman Sachs, and Argo AI. 

So, is Davenport a nice place to live? We’d say so. Davenport is a super nice town that’s replete with top-rated restaurants, local shops, wellness spas, and all sorts of other good stuff. 

Top Tips from Davenport’s Real Estate Experts

In light of its strong economy and even stronger weather, Florida is still one of the cheapest places in the nation to live. Ready to get involved in the Sunshine State’s real estate scene for yourself? If so, Team Icon is here to help. Regardless of whether you’re seeking out new rental properties, hoping to use real estate to hedge against inflation, or looking for a personal home, we can assist! 

Here are some of our top real estate tips:

  • Move fast. Remember that homes don’t last for long in Davenport.
  • Communicate your intentions. If you’re truly interested in buying, don’t try to bluff— let the seller know!
  • Cash is still king. Many buyers have had tremendous success making a cash offer (if they’re able to afford it, of course).
  • Get professional assistance. The market may be hectic, but we can help streamline your buying experience. 

Contact Icon Realty if you’re ready to make your next real estate move. Our 30+ years of combined experience allows us to navigate Davenport’s real estate scene with ease. We look forward to seeing how we can work with you to accomplish your goals!

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