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Central Florida Real Estate Tips
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Selling your home has always been a potentially stressful experience. 

But it can be even more stressful today. Why? Because the average Floridian seller receives a sudden influx of prospective offers, buyers, and deals on the very same day they get things listed. The average home now sells after just 11 days on the market. 

And the market’s fast-moving pace means even slight mistakes on the part of sellers can be costly. Sellers that don’t navigate the market correctly can miss out on thousands of dollars of sales. 

At Icon Realty, we’re here to help ensure this doesn’t happen to you. We offer personalized plans to all of our clients, allowing them to get their homes sold efficiently. We can help you navigate through the noise and make the right decisions when it matters. If you need some help selling your home, contact us today!

Making Your Property Stand Out

Many real estate experts say that today’s market is the most challenging one they’ve ever seen. 

Can your property catch the attention of prospective buyers enough to stand out? If you have any doubts about that, we can help make sure your home doesn’t become just another house on the market. We can help draw in the right prospective buyers. 

Tips to Sell Your House

If you’re ready to sell your home, the first step is simple: Beautify your property. Get your landscaping updated, add some flowers to the property, and trim any unruly bushes/trees. 

Pay special attention to your property’s front yard. After all, the first thing a buyer will see is your home’s ‘curb appeal’ — its view from the curb. First impressions matter. Small investments in your landscaping are likely to generate a large return on investment (ROI). 

You may also want to downsize a little bit. If prospective buyers see your home cluttered with trinkets and other personal items, they may have a hard time picturing themselves in the home. Keep your home’s appearance as simple and generic as possible — like a blank canvas on which prospective buyers can paint whatever they want to. 

How you treat buyers matters, too. Try not to follow them around your home as they’re taking a tour. Instead, give them a little space to do their own thing. 

Getting started

If you’re ready to sell, be sure to select the right professional help. Not all real estate agents are created equal! It’s best to look for professionals who have proven experience in the local area. Look for licensed, certified Florida Realtors. 

These types of professionals will be able to leverage their experience to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Finding the right professional help is even more important if you’re trying to arrange a short sale or other complex sale situation. Our experience with banks and investments means we can help you navigate these situations with ease. 

Contact Icon

When you’re ready to sell, Icon Property Management is here to help. We can help you capitalize on today’s seller’s market and come out with the best deal possible!

Schedule a free consultation today by clicking here or calling (321) 297-8960. We look forward to helping in any way we can!

To your successful future sale,

Icon Property Management

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