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Celebration is a small Florida community that has a whole lot to offer residents. Founded only a few decades ago, Celebration is considered one of the Sunshine State’s best-planned communities. Let’s take a closer look at what the town has to offer — including property management opportunities.

Celebration, Florida: History

Local residents say Celebration is a community, not a town. Why’s that? It all has to do with how the area got its start. The dream-child of the Walt Disney Network, Celebration was founded on five timeless principles and diligently developed. 

And despite being part of the Orlando-Kissimmee Metropolitan area, Celebration retains a pleasantly homey feel. Its population was 7,427 as of the 2010 census. 

But don’t think the town’s lacking in opportunities. Families will be happy to learn that its public schools are recipients of the Five Star School Award; among the many great private school options are Montessori School KinderCare and a Foreign Language Immersion School.

Celebration is also a great place for nature lovers. One of the town’s founding cornerstones was health — and it truly shows. The town is home to nearly endless parks and trails, an Advent Health facility, and a state-of-the-art fitness center. 

Oh, and it’s a great place for architecture lovers, too. Many of Celebration’s downtown buildings were designed by famous architects like Michael Graves and Charles Moore. 

Celebration’s Real Estate Market

Celebration’s real estate market is hot right now — to put it mildly. 

As of February 2022, the town’s median list price was $487,000, or $310 per square foot. That’s a whopping 28% higher than one year before. Many homes are snatched up just a few days after being placed on the market. It’s also not uncommon for homes to be sold for more than their listed price. 

Celebration Florida Property Managers

Suffice to say that one shouldn’t try to navigate Celebration’s real estate market alone. Not if they want to have a stress-free experience, at least. 

Just think: What are your real estate goals? Maybe you have a rental property in Celebration, but are struggling to find trustworthy tenants. Maybe you’re trying to find a new rental property in the area. Regardless, opt for a local property manager who has proven experience. Local property managers do a better job of vetting potential tenants. They’re also familiar enough with the area to steer your next property search in the right direction. The same can’t be said of out-of-state property management firms. 

Icon FL Makes Property Management Worth Celebrating!

At Icon FL our property management team combines a commitment to integrity with industry-leading experience. If you need help finding or managing rental property in Celebration, Florida, consider us your go-to resource. The real estate market is only getting hotter, so contact us today! 

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