Buying Property in Mount Dora, FL

Buying Property in Mount Dora FL
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Looking to invest in Mount Dora? You’ve come to right place!

Florida real estate is booming, and – as the market grows – investors are looking for new “hidden gems.” That’s where Mount Dora comes in. Nestled in Central Florida and known for its quaint antique shops and community-focused festivals, Mount Dora is a beautiful Florida community that residents love to call home. Making it the perfect real estate investment for savvy owners looking for new properties in the Sunshine State.

Things to Do in Mount Dora

If your idea of the perfect afternoon involves browsing boutiques, strolling in and out of art galleries, and gathering with friends at a local restaurant, then plan to keep you calendar full in Mount Dora!

Downtown Mount Dora overlooks Lake Dora, providing the perfect scenic backdrop for a leisurely day. Up for more adventure? Try one of Lake Dora’s sea plane, boat, and/or walking tours! Prefer to socialize? There’s a reason Mount Dora is called “Festival City”! With a packed schedule of annual events featuring arts, crafts, music, and more, Mount Dora residents are never at a loss for opportunities to socialize!

And for those looking to commemorate a special event, Mount Dora (once again!) provides the perfect option. The Historic Train Depot – known for hosting glamorous parties, weddings, and more – is available to rent for special days in community members’ lives.

Mount Dora: History

The Mount Dora History Museum (located in a fire station dating back to 1923) tells the tale of one Florida’s most cherished historic towns. Settled in 1874, Mount Dora was formally named several years later, in 1883, for Dora Ann Drawdy, an early settler. (Lake Dora was actually named for Dora first, in 1846!)

Hunters and fishermen were drawn to Mount Dora as a winter retreat, leading to the opening of the Alexander House hotel in 1883. The landmark was later added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1975.

By the 1920s, Mount Dora was experiencing significant growth. That trend continued and, almost 100 years later, Mount Dora doubled-down on its commitment to local residents by developing the Wolf Branch Innovation District.

The goal of the Wolf Branch Innovation District is to attract science and technology-oriented businesses.


One of the first things our real estate clients ask about when considering a new property is demographics. With that in mind, we’ve organized a few key highlights:

  • According to the 2020 census, Mount Dora’s population currently sits at 16,341.
  • In 2010, there were 9,039 households and 5,236 families (note: this figure has since increased)
  • The median household income in Mount Dora has been reported as $37,364
  • The median income for a family is recorded as $46,394

Investing in Mount Dora

If you’re interested in learning more about Mount Dora, please contact Icon Realty at (407) 569-ICON. Prefer to get started online? Fill out our quick and convenient contact form. Icon’s experienced team of real estate experts have the local knowledge you need to make an informed investment in Mount Dora – one of Florida’s favorite hidden treasures.

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