Buying Pine Hills, FL Property

Buying Pine Hills
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Pine Hills is an unincorporated Orlando suburb known for its premier parks, schools, and properties. In this article we’ll be taking a brief overview of what to look for in Pine Hills, Florida properties. Enjoy! 

Pine Hills: Background

Pine Hills is part of the Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford statistical area — home to a whopping 2+ million people — yet its own population of ~66,000 means it retains a more hometown feel.   

Among the many things to love about Pine Hills are its nature parks and top-rated schools. The town’s namesake trail, the Pine Hills Trail, serves as a vital juncture within Florida’s Coast to Coast Bicycle Trail. 

Pine Hills was actually one of the first Orlando suburbs developed. It was initially created in the early 1950s as a living community for local Lockheed Martin employees. At that time it was named Silver Pines. During the 1970s, Pine Hills continued growing and crystallizing into its own little slice of Orlando. Then, in the ’80s, the city of Orlando started annexing key areas of Pine Hills. 

In the ’90s, though, Pine Hills’s popularity began to decline. Its country club closed, and its shopping center was converted into strip malls. By the late ’90s, basic issues like town funding and maintenance became major problems. 

But in recent years, revitalization efforts have brought Pine Hills up to Central Florida’s quality of life standards. By 2013, Pine Hills’s reputation as a dangerous place to live began to fade. The town has also upped its standards in terms of code enforcement, resulting in a safer, more beautiful neighborhood. 

Other recent Pine Hills developments include:

  • New/reconstructed schools (including Maynard Evans High School, Meadowbrook Middle, Robinswood Middle, Pine Hills, Rolling Hills, and Mollie E. Ray Elementary Schools) 
  • A new ‘Chinatown’ (located across from the Pine Hills Marketplace)
  • Redesigned highways and improved traffic flow
  • Increased access to public transport

All this history to say that Pine Hills may very well be one of Central Florida’s hidden gems. The town has come a long way in the past ten years — and it seems poised for an even better future.  If you’d like to invest in Pine Hills property for yourself, the tips below are designed to help. 

Pine Hills Property Buying Tips

  • Understand the market. (Our team has decades of experience lining up buyers and sellers in the pine hills area, so we can help with this.) 
  • Consider homeowner insurance to hedge against extreme weather. 
  • Understand property tax laws. We can help with this, too! 
  • Understand the possibility of deed restriction.
  • Know what to look for in a real estate agent. 
  • Save up in case you have high closing costs.
  • Explore more than one financing option.
  • Explore your financing options.
  • Know who you’re buying from. 

If you feel daunted by the above list, don’t be! 

At Team Icon, we have decades’ worth of experience navigating Pine Hills’s real estate market. All this experience allows us to streamline your buying experience, placing you firmly in the driver’s seat.  Contact us today if you’re interested in investing in Pine Hills property. 

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