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Let us introduce you to Windermere!

Windermere is a town in Orange County with a population of 3,030 as of the 2020 report. With a 1% population growth rate in 2021 and 10.9% in the last five years, the population is expected to reach 3,600 in the next few years. 

Peace and Quiet in Windermere

Windermere does indeed have a suburban feel to it, which might be appealing to families seeking more space to raise their children than larger, more densely populated cities. Windermere was formerly one of Florida’s biggest citrus producers until numerous once-in-a-lifetime freezes.

With our assistance, you’ll find enormous wood and stone two-story structures with towering ceilings, marble counters, Jacuzzi baths, spacious patios and yards, huge windows, fireplaces, maple kitchens, several bedrooms, and more when looking for property in Windermere. Windermere houses have easy access to an abundance of green space, parks, and playgrounds. 

Costs of Living in Windermere

Icon recognizes that cost of living is a key concern when deciding where to live. Windermere has a cheaper cost of living than the state average and most other cities in Florida. Some places may be more expensive than others on a state and federal level, but the general standard of house prices, utilities, groceries, transportation, medical services, and other goods and services is less expensive. 

As we mentioned the costs above, let us give you an idea of house prices in Windermere. The maximum a home in Windermere can cost is between $4 and $8 million, but there’s also a good mix of condominiums around $230,000 to $300,000, townhomes under $500,000, and simple single homes mostly between $500,000 and $800,000.

Schools in Windermere

Windermere’s most significant feature, though, is its educational opportunities. Orange County Public Schools serve the neighborhood. In fact, Windermere Elementary School, Gotha Middle School, and Olympia High School serve the city’s residents. 

When compared to other cities, the education ranking is good on both a national and statewide level. These rankings consider public school student achievement, enrollment rates, teacher-to-student ratios, and parents’ feedback.

Transport in Windermere

The town has implemented numerous traffic changes that have considerably improved road traffic and alleviated cut-through traffic. With the greatest infrastructure project in the area’s history, two roundabouts were erected downtown in 2004. And at the junction of Maguire Road and Park Avenue, another roundabout was formed in August 2010. This is the intersection with Windermere Elementary School. Every year, in fact, the traffic situation in Windermere improves significantly. However, there are other public transportation options as well. 

Summing Things Up

If you’re interested in investing in Windermere’s real estate market but are concerned about the logistics, don’t worry — there is an easier method to go about it.

At Icon, we aim to provide you with all you require in a real estate agency, including not only local knowledge but expert guidance.

Icon can assist you in locating the ideal investment property. Visit our contact page today to get in touch!

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