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Davenport is a small town located in Polk County, Florida. While its population was just 9,040 as of the 2020 census, don’t let this number fool you — the areas just to its north are currently experiencing unprecedented growth. 

And that means good things for Davenport-based property owners and real estate investors. 

Like so many other small central Florida towns, Davenport is part of the Lakeland-Winter Haven Metropolitan Statistical Area. The town got its start back in the 1880s as a key point along the South Florida Railroad; back then it was known as Horse Creek. In 1915 Davenport was finally incorporated.

Fast forward to today and Davenport’s real estate market has voyaged far past normal small-town status. The town tends to have 70-80+ homes for sale at any given time, though the average home only stays on the market for 11 days. The median list price comes in around $330,000. That’s quite the rise since this time last year:

  • 1 bedroom properties are up 0%
  • 2 bedrooms properties are up 38.2% 
  • 3 bedrooms properties are up 31.1%
  • 4 bedrooms properties are up 30%
  • 5 bedrooms properties are up 34.8%

Davenport’s market is also closely contested when it comes to property rentals. The town has approximately 100-120 rentals readily available at any given time, many of them in the $2-3,000/month range. That’s slightly expensive for this part of Florida — especially when it’s compared to median home prices.  

Own Property in Davenport? Icon Can Help!

If you own rental property in Davenport, we’ve got good news: you’re sitting on a practical goldmine. 

The slightly more nuanced news is that you may want to enlist a seasoned property manager to help you make the most of it. Below are a few key ways property managers can help place your rental income on autopilot. 

  1. Better communication

A premium property manager can easily handle the back-and-forth communication that might otherwise keep you up at night. Do your tenants need help with a broken dishwasher? Faulty AC system? Rogue bugs or animals? We’ll be the first line of contact between you and them regardless. 

  1. Decreased tenant turnover

Who wants to deal with new tenants every 6 months? Yeah…we don’t, either. Our property management team can help you keep your tenants happy in the long run. Less tenant turnover means more time your place is actually rented, leading to higher, more consistent returns. 

  1. Reduced legal hassles

In addition to mediating simple things like daily communication, our team is more than happy to mediate complex topics like eviction. Leave the tough stuff to us — we’ve seen it all before. 

  1. Easier tenant onboarding

Few good things last forever. It’s highly possible that the great tenants you’re hosting now may not still be around in 3-5 years. But this is yet another way our property management team can make your life easier. We’ll help you identify and vet new tenants to ensure your home is treated right. 

All in all, our team at Icon FL has over a decade of experience helping people just like you maximize their properties’ potential. Contact us today if you’re ready to move past the old way of doing things and enjoy a truly streamlined property management experience. 

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