Best Apopka Properties

Best Apopka Properties
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Apopka is a small town located in Orange County’s Orlando–Kissimmee–Sanford Metropolitan Statistical Area. If you’re interested in buying there, this article is for you. We’ll be going over Apopka’s real estate scene before looking at how to get involved in it the right way. 

Is Apopka A Good Place to Live?

Apopka is home to roughly 55,000 citizens. While the town came from humble beginnings — its name means ‘potato-eating place’ — it’s now considered the foliage capital of the world and enjoys brand-new schools, medical centers, and transportation networks. In the near future a new thruway will connect the town to Disney World, giving residents even more entertainment options. 

Apopka shines in terms of outdoor entertainment, too. Townspeople can enjoy swimming, hiking, bicycling, and canoeing along the shores of beautiful Lake Apopka. 

What about economic stats, you may ask? They show that Apopka’s real estate market is booming. Home prices are up over 20% from last year. The average area home now sells for over $400,000! The average home sells within roughly ~20 days. 

What You Should Know About Apopka Real Estate Investments

Apopka’s real estate scene may be bustling, but there’s still plenty of time to get involved. 

Just as long as you do so with intention. Before you rush in and invest, be sure to consider the following things:

  • Are there any tax laws to keep in mind? Be sure to factor these into your budget.
  • Is there a need for property insurance?  Factor this into your budget, too. 
  • Are there any unforeseen closing costs? Plan accordingly before you buy. 
  • Why is the seller…selling? What’s their motive? Ensure the property’s history is solid. 
  • What’s the property’s pricing history? What has it sold for in the past? While properties do appreciate quickly in Florida, knowing your property’s price history can ensure you don’t overpay. 
  • Are there any lakefront or oceanfront property laws to take into account? Some of Florida’s most premier properties also have the most extensive property laws. Be sure to consult an expert when in doubt. 

While this is indeed a lot of information to take in, don’t be daunted. At Team Icon Realty Associates, we’ve been helping our clients overcome these hurdles and more for over two decades. The end result for you? A simple, stress-free, streamlined buying experience. Contact us today if you’d like to add Apopka-area property to your investment portfolio. 

At Team Icon we can also assist you with all things property rentals. We were recently mentioned in a RedFin article about renting with pets. Our advice in this case is to get renters insurance. Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it!

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