3 of the Best Places to Buy Property in Florida

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Let’s face it: Florida is teeming with amazing areas to buy property. 

It’s also teeming with not-so-amazing areas. 

The state’s widening income gap has created quite a spread between these two, which means there are many areas that the real estate investor and/or homeowner should probably just avoid. Besides, too many choices can be paralyzing. That’s why this article will be going over the best of the best: Oviedo, Orlando, and Winter Springs.

Oviedo, FL

13 neighborhoods. 38,000 people. A 90% white-collar workforce. In addition to being virtually the perfect size, Oviedo is an amazing place for anyone who wants to live in a health-conscious, ethnically-diverse community!

It’s surprisingly livable, too. Oviedo features some of the best schools in Florida and a vibrant local food scene. There are also plenty of outdoor opportunities for those who are into that, whether it’s an alligator-watching excursion at Lake Jesup or a hike at the Little Big Econ State Forest. 

Just as importantly, Oviedo is still affordable. The average house is valued at $223,900 — less than 10% above the national average. Seasoned investors would do well to consider jumping in now.

Orlando, FL 

Orlando may be a much bigger city than Oviedo, but to this day it remains quite affordable. In fact, we think Orlando-area real estate presents some of the best deals in all of Florida. The average home costs only $160,000, and the average rent is only $1,000. 

Orlando, as you probably know, is also one of Florida’s hottest tourist destinations. Dubbed the “Theme Park Capital of the World,” the area attracts up to 55 million tourists each year. When juxtaposed against Orlando’s affordability, this becomes a pretty big deal. 

Orlando also does well when it comes to education, employment, and public transportation – especially when compared to the rest of Florida. One final benefit, for all you sports lovers out there: the area is home to virtually every type of sport imaginable, from basketball to baseball to ice hockey. 

Winter Springs, FL 

If Orlando is too touristy for your taste, allow us to introduce you to the perfect alternative: Winter Springs. It’s only half an hour’s drive away, yet its quieter pace makes it feel worlds apart. 

The towns 34,000-strong population is full of new families and employed primarily by white-collar industries. What’s drawing them in? Probably the area’s amazing school system; four out of Winter Springs’ five elementary schools received an ‘A’ on their standardized testing results. When it comes time for the kids to graduate, top-ranked colleges like the University of Central Florida are also nearby. All in all, this is one of Florida’s most family-friendly towns, so expect population growth in the near future.  

Putting it all together

Still wondering which area might be best for you to invest? While that’s for you and you alone to decide, our team at Icon Realty can assist you. We oversee countless properties in all three areas… and we’d be happy to help manage yours, too. 

Schedule your free consultation today by visiting our contact page or calling (321) 297-8960. We’d be more than happy to discuss your real estate goals and how we can help you reach them. 

To your investments — both present and future,

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